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Company News:


26 March 2013 – South African Sole Agent Appointed

28 November 2012 – Donation to the Sea Shepherd

23 October 2012 – WK50 Gift Light Released

22 October 2012 – BK12 Bike Light Released

08 September 2012 – D35 Super Bright Dive Light Released

31 August 2012 – WK35 EDC Light Released

29 July 2012 – XTAR Sponsors the LuoLun Mountain Bike Race

01 October 2010 – XTAR Fully Implements ANSIStandard (American National Standard Institute).



26 March 2013 – South African Sole Agent Appointed.

Xtarlight Honk Kong awarded Sole Agency rights to South African Importer and Distributor,

Fishing Lunatics after some time negotiating. Fishing Lunatics has been importing

Quality products from China since 2007 and distribute their own Brand of Fishing Products,

"Bite Me" as well as the Sole Agents for BKK Hooks. "We are proud to be associated with Xtar,

 a Technolgically advanced company specialising in the field of LED Flashlights."



28 November 2012 – Donation to the Sea Shepherd.

In this month, our company donated several D06 dive flashlight sets to the SeaShepherd

to support its anti-whaling campaigns against the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica.

Sea Shepherd is an ocean conservation organization (non-profit).

Our company is always sparing no effort to supportcampaigns which aim at protecting the environment and maintaining ecological balance.

Meanwhile, it is appreciated that the Sea Shepherd chose our flashlight, which means they trust and support in our products.

Our company has the confidence to produce more optimal and excellent products.

Our company will also never forget our social corporate responsibility to give back to the society.





23 October 2012 – WK50 Gift Light Released


XTAR WK50 is designed as a gift flashlight by Hong Kong XTAR Co., LTD, with three colors to choose: gun-silver, pink, sapphire blue, which make the appearance

very fashionable; the volume is small and the weight is only 31 grams, so that it is easy to carry. According to these, it's not only suitable for daily using but great as a gift.

WK50 use high efficiency CREE XP-G R5, many cooling channels in the head make heat dissipation well, which can extend the life of LED effectively.

Meanwhile, efficient constant current drive circuit making high output durable and steady.

And that the momentary on function and no standby current are also WK50's advantages.

In addition, four different brightness mode(including moonlight mode) can easily cope with the user's different requirement.



22 October 2012 – BK12 Bike Light Released


XTAR BK12 is specially designed for Outdoor riding, Mountain-climbing, Camping and Hiking.

BK12 provides high output, wide beam in small portable size, and very long runtime, also shockproof and anti-dropping. It's your necessary outdoor tool.

Designing a magnetic control ring in the tail is the biggest characteristic of BK12, which can let you change the modes very conveniently, according to the different conditions.

XTAR believes that professional serves better!  


08 September 2012 – D35 Super Bright Dive Light Released


XTAR D35 is specifically designed for underwater activities by Hong Kong XTAR Co.,Ltd in September, 2012.

It adopts 3 pieces of the latest CREE XM-L U2 LED, max output up to 2350 lumens. Independent drive LED, higher efficiency but gives out lower heat!

Anodized aircraft 6061 aluminum alloy made sure the flashlight is tough and solid, the unique magnetic ring switch and strict waterproof design

made the D35 can take the water pressure of 100 meters and stay sealed. In order to be able to use the flashlight in the ocean, the oxide coating on the D35

is made to resist the corrosion from 30% hydrochloric acid. All above made the the D35 a necessity for scuba diving, spearfishing, and underwater photographing.

31 August 2012 – WK35 EDC Light Released


XTAR WK35 is a high output EDC flashlight newly released by Hong Kong XTAR Co.,Ltd in August, 2012. It adopts the latest CREE XM-L U2 LED.

With reverse switch on the tail-cap, half press the switch when the light is on could select an output mode. The weight of the WK35 is only 77g.

Although it's small size and light weighted, but it got an output up to 500 lumens!

It adopts high-efficient constant-current LED driver. Even when the battery voltage is very low, the light could stay on high output for quite a long while.

It has springs on both the positive/negative pole, to maintain the WK35 an excellent ability of shock-proof. So the light would not blink or switch modes when you use it for outdoor activities and bike riding.

29 July 2012 – XTAR Sponsors the LuoLun Mountain Bike Race

XTAR sponsored the LuoLun Mountain bike race on the 29th July 2012, the game competition was veryfierce.

Winners were awarded BK10 bike lights provided by XTAR. There are some photos of the riders.

01 October 2010 – XTAR Fully Implements ANSI Standard



XTAR LED flashlights fully implements ANSI standard (American National Standard Institute) the light output is measured as ANSI lumens.

ANSI FL1 flashlight standards explained:

Buying a new flashlight, headlamp or lantern these days can be confusing at best. The problem is that there has not been any standardization

in the reporting of performance standards of lights from the many manufacturers in the market. A variety of terms such as wattage, candlepower and

lumens have been used to measure light output and the method of measuring battery run time was not standardized.

This made it nearly impossible to compare features of products produced by different manufacturers.

To help alleviate the confusion, a group of the leading companies in the industry joined together to create a new standard of specifications for the portable lighting industry.

The resulting ANSI FL1 flashlight standards spell out very specific methods of testing for each feature under controlled laboratory conditions,

and will ensure that any light produced by any manufacturer that has adopted the standards can be easily compared for performance and features.

Below is a set of icons that participating manufacturers will be using on their packaging and marketing materials along with a description of each specification that each one symbolizes.

Light output

Total light output measured in lumens.  Lumens has become the most commonly used unit of measure for total light output in portable lighting devices such as flashlights, headlamps and lanterns.

Wattage, on the other hand, is a measurement of power consumption, not light output.  With today’s super efficient LED technology, it’s very possible to have a 1 watt LED flashlight with a greater

light output than another flashlight with a higher wattage rating, particularly if the higher wattage light source is less efficient.

Beam distance

The distance, measured in meters, at which the light projects a useful amount of light, measured at 0.25 lux.

(0.25 lux is approximately the equivalent of light emitted from a full moon “on a clear night in an open field.”)

Run time

Tested with fresh batteries from 30 seconds after the light is turned on until the light output reaches 10% of the initial measurement. 

Peak beam intensity

The brightest point in the beam measured in candela.  Candela is the modern unit of measure for light intensity replacing the now-obsolete unit known as candlepower.

Although candlepower was replaced by candela in 1948, it is still in common use.


Impact resistance

The height, measured in meters, from which the light can be dropped onto cured concrete and still work properly.

Dropped samples cannot have any visible cracks or breaks and must remain fully functional to receive this rating.

Water resistance

This icon indicates an IPX4 rating which means the sample is tested against splashing water from all angles.

If this test is performed it must be done after impact resistance testing is completed to ensure water resistance under real-life conditions.

Water resistance

Water submersion depth rating, measured in meters.  This icon indicates at least an IPX7 rating which means the sample is submerged to a minimum of 1 meter depth for 30 minutes.

If this test is performed it must be done after impact resistance testing is completed to ensure water resistance under real-life conditions.

With the adoption of these new standards, we’ll be able to more easily compare apples to apples (or flashlights to flashlights).

Whether you’re looking for a light for your workshop, camping and outdoor use, emergency use, or just around the house, you’re sure to get the best flashlight,

headlamp, or lantern to suit your needs by comparing lights that use the ANSI FL1 flashlight standards in their packaging and advertising.